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HIS 100 Module One Activity Template: Project Topic Exploration


You must pick a topic from the Research Topics Lists in the Library Research Guide. While it is a clever idea to choose your topic early, you may change it until the next module. Replace the bracketed text below with your responses. Support your responses with specific details and examples.

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HIS 100 Module One Activity Template: Project Topic Exploration
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Identify the topic you chose to explore:

Tulsa race massacre



Explain what you already know about the chosen topic based on your personal history or experiences.

· I did not know anything about the Tulsa race massacre until I read into it. However, I do have firsthand experiences to the racism that happened back then. However, an experience I’ve had that really made me bothering was when I once was at a Dollar General my son and cousin wanted to buy play guns too play cops; a white lady and her son was walking up to the counter as well and the little boy saw their guns and thought that they was cool because of the noise they made an because they lit up when you shot them so he asked his mom if he could have one.. and in return his mother told him, “No! You will not be like those little thugs.”


Describe the beliefs, assumptions, and values you have related to the topic you chose.

I do believe that racism is a taught behavior to kids, and myself personally will never teach my kids that just because of your “skin color” your better than someone else. They will value themselves and love themselves just as much as they love anyone else.


Explain why this topic is relevant to current events or to modern society.

The Tulsa race massacre is still relevant to modern society today because you still have racism going on. There are still some white’s that will try and destroy a Black man or woman character to this day just so they can get ahead or feel good about themselves.

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