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Financial analysis and funding plan
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Financial analysis and funding plan





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Financial analysis and funding plan

Robots are very important in improving the functionality of the defense industry. The use of robots helps improve the efficiency at the workplace as they can overcome the weaknesses of a human being—the human being as faced with shortcomings such as getting tired while doing their job and making errors. Since there is huge demand s for the products being manufactured by different industries, sometimes has resulted in overstraining on the available labor, which always fails to achieve the targets set for them. Some products are also manufactured from toxic chemicals, which are harmful when exposed to human beings. In the provision of security, robots can detect security threats faster and take faster actions. Because of an increase in demand for robots, our projects will mainly focus on developing robots to be used in both industries and different security agencies. The project aims to develop robots to use factories, treat people and help in providing security.

Project costs

Robot development projects have a lot of costs. To have fully functioning robots requires the robot manufacturer to incur some critical costs. Costs incurred are necessary as they ensure that robot developers become efficient in developing a product that will meet customers’ needs. Some of the critical costs necessary in the manufacturing and development of the robots include research and development costs, material costs, installation costs, engineering costs, labor costs, technological costs, maintenance costs, and other costs.

Research and development costs

Robot technology is new. Many people and businesses have little knowledge about the functioning and effectiveness of robots. There are also functions that people carry out, which robots can carry out. Research and development costs are important costs that have to be incurred by an organization. Through research, an organization will be able to understand different roles and activities carried out in manufacturing and other sectors that robots can perform. Research identifies gaps that have not been addressed by existing robotic technology, and strategies are developed in the area.

Material costs

The manufacture of robots requires different types of materials. The raw material, which includes metals, batteries, and systems that ensure the efficient functioning of robots, is essential in robots’ development. These materials are usually outsourced from outside suppliers at a price. Robots’ development will therefore cost a company material. Material required to manufacture robots can be costly since they are a special type of metal.

Labor costs

Human labor is critical in the manufacturing of robots. People are employed in the firm to perform administrative duties. Human beings also operate machines used in robots manufacturing. Therefore, a human being performs a critical role in ensuring the running of the firm in terms of efficiency. The firm usually employs these people to work in the manufacturing firm, and they receive wages and salaries for the work they do in an organization.

Technological costs

Technology is key in the actualization of robots’ development. Robots, which are by themselves technology, operate under sophisticated automated Intelligence. Automated intelligence technology is costly, and its implementation costs an organization resource. Manufacturers spend their finances in developing technology and operating the technology they use. Technology that has been implemented also needs periodic maintenance to ensure that it is performing well. Maintenance costs also include repairing faulty machines used in the manufacturing process.

Installation costs

For the robots to function, they are supposed to be installed. Automated technology needs to be installed to realize the use of robots. Machines and all required technology that ensure accurate performance are installed and ensure that there is an efficient performance of the tasks assigned to them. The manufacturer has to be ready to incur the initial installation of machines used in the manufacturing process and all technology necessary for the proper functioning and operation of the manufacturing process.

Cost Budget

Budget item Estimated Cost
Research and development costs $ 300000
Materials $ 500000
Machine installation $ 50000
Labor costs $ 50000
Technological costs $ 100000
Total Cost $1000000



Revenue Streams

Sale of Robots

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