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Ethical Practices in Healthcare.

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Ethical Practices in Healthcare. Student’s Name: Professor’s Name:
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Ethical Practices in Healthcare is one of the contemporary healthcare issues I am interested to know more about.

Medical ethics are concerned with examining certain healthcare problem such as clinical case, analyze it and apply logic, facts assessed and values to decide the most appropriate course of action to be taken.

Ethical practices in healthcare sector provides that healthcare workers should;

Recognize existing and emerging healthcare dilemmas.

Make good judgments and decisions.

And take appropriate actions based on their values and with respect to laws that govern them.



What are Ethical Issues in Healthcare?

Ethical standards are vital in healthcare organizations.

These ethical standards encompass the filed of applied ethos’s that guide healthcare professionals in making morally acceptable decisions in medical practices as provided in the healthcare regulating policies

Even though being a physician or a nurse is rewarding, working in the healthcare industry can be challenging and present wide range of complex situations ranging from type of care provided to patients to the healthcare resources healthcare units need to execute their duties.

The major reference Point when making ethical decisions in healthcare sector include the following four basic principles;







Examples of Ethical Issues in Healthcare

1. Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS)

The act of intentional killing of oneself with the help of knowledgeable healthcare professional.

Facts about this ethical issue.

Increase pressure of terminally ill patients wanting to die and reduce burden to their family.

Physicians should be in the frontline in promoting good health not taking away lives.

2. Malpractice and Negligence.

Medication errors are ranked 3rd as the leading cause of deaths in united states.

Medical errors are as results of;

Risk nature of the healthcare environment.

Defective medical equipment, tools and technologies results into medical errors that




Examples of Ethical Issues in Healthcare. Cont.…

Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders(DNR).

DNR is an order provided by a doctor to instruct care providers not to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

When it is not clear whether the patient was capacitated to select Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders.

Also it assumed that Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders may exacerbate existing medical condition promoting further risk of death.

4. Doctor and Patient Confidentiality.

There have been a few cases of patient confidentiality breaches which pose ethical and legal implications to the healthcare professionals in question.

Withholding healthcare information about the patient can be harmful and unethical.

Also sharing of parent’s confidential healthcare information can be unethical






American certain with insurance coverage are facing tough time while seeking healthcare help and other critical services.

Patient healthcare needs are billed according to the quality of care patients need.

It is unethical for healthcare organizations to charge patents over $900 which is too high and does not require complex medical procedures or treatment.

at all costs healthcare professionals should remain honesty, disciplined, fair and respectful, hold highest level of integrity as well as working responsibly and accountable to promote well-being of the patient and the general public.








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