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Business implementation plan and audiovisual presentation


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Business implementation plan and audiovisual presentation
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Business implementation plan and audiovisual presentation

While creating the business implementation plan in the defense industry, it is assumed that the technology changes will remain relatively stable during the implementation period. Shifts in the technology during the plan’s implementation interfere with the actual realization of the project plan. Robots’ technology is supposed to remain relatively constant during the implementation stage. The use of robots in the defense industry helps minimize the costs during the production process. Automation of the production process through robots reduces the cost of employing people to work the firm. The salaries expenses of the employees who work in the production are reduced hence the general cost of production reduced. It is assumed that technology will remain constant in the entire process.

Materials are key components in the realization of the company’s planned project. Material components are very important in realizing goals and objectives interfering with the availability of the resources and materials affects plan implementation adversely. During the creation of the business implementation plan, it is assumed that the supplier of the key component and other parts can deliver high-quality material meeting the standard requirement of the firm and on a timely basis. The company identifies different suppliers of key components. They can be easily brought into the company to ensure a steady and reliable supply of materials. When the company has many suppliers, it becomes easy to switch h from one supplier to another to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

It is assumed that production will be continuous for the entire period. The use of robots in the production process continues without stopping. Ensuring continuous production is key to ensuring that a defense industry firm can meet its targets. Robots and other sophisticated technology are employed to ensure that production process, and there are minimal instances of production failure.

Availability of resources such as financial and human resources is key to the project’s success. Financial resources are important in obtaining the material and obtaining the right technology, which is helpful in the running of the firms’ activities. The defense company outsources some technologies from other companies at a price to carry out various activities. They combine the material to perform various roles and functions. Therefore, financial resources are key in ensuring that resources are well mobilized in the company to offer efficiency. Human resources who are highly skilled are essential for the project’s success. Automating different roles by use of technology requires a technology expert. The sourcing of skilled labor is key in ensuring the company’s success as they contribute to both strategic and tactical roles, which leads to the success of the project.

Communication is a very key business environment. For the two parties to exchange goods and any services, it is necessary to ensure that the two parties have agreed with each other. A language is a key tool in the communication process that allows people to share information. The language barrier makes it difficult for the business transactions to be carried out as parties do not understand each other.

International conflicts have a significant impact on business activities between countries. When countries conflict, business activities are usually interfered with (Master and Style). Products cannot move from one country to another because of the country’s security issues. Different countries also impose tariffs and heavily taxes products from the other countries. This affects business as products from other countries appear more expensive. In ensuring that one country’s defense industry becomes stronger than the other, Countries with superior technology heavily restrict the transfer of know-how from their countries to other countries. Countries create legislation and identify which kind of company can operate in a certain region.

Economic factors such as interest rates, inflation rates, and taxes income levels significantly affect the business. An increase in the interest rates of the products affects the business environment adversely as it makes goods prices in the market increase. Business finds it difficult to survive in countries with very high taxation rates. Higher tax rates reduce the business’s net incomes, hence forcing them out. Businesses mainly thrive in countries that have favorable tax rates. Defense industries are set up where government regulation managing the business is favorable and supports the business.

Income level and inflation rates have a very significant effect on the performance of the business. High inflation results in a fast increase in the prices of commodities of goods. When there are high inflation rates in the market, many people cannot afford goods as it keeps on rising. Current cash, owned by the company, cannot purchase goods because of the abnormal rise in prices. The reduction in the incomes of the people also harms the ability of people to make a purchase. When prices of goods reduce, the money available for expenditure reduces, which makes carrying out business hard. Countries with little income cannot afford to have an advanced defense industry.

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