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Before the commencement of the project, we will get proper documentation from the authorities. Obtaining proper documentation from the government institutions and other government regulatory organs ensures that businesses carried out are legal. The business operates ethically, and it is important to ensure that the company’s employees are fully aware of ethical practices. This helps them remain ethical in all their practices in the operation of the business. Establishing the ethical standards within the project helps ensure that project members help the organization become ethical. According to Sherkow et al. (2021), Obtaining legal documents such as patents licenses is key to ensuring that the business gains legality. The company gets the right to venture into any kind of business when it obtains the business permit to operate such kind of business.

Stakeholders such as shareholders and customers play a key role in the business. They must be incorporated into the planning of the business. Organizations incorporate other stakeholders into the business strategically by using the feedback received from these stakeholders. During strategic planning, an organization collects feedback compiled in the form of a report. The report containing diverse opinions is implemented, which favors people from different Areas.

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Before the commencement of the project, we will get proper documentation from the authorities.
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During the implementation of the project, it will aim to benefit the members of the community. The revenue generated from the project will be used to build social infrastructures such as health centers and hospitals which can benefit the close community. Most of the resources used in these projects are planned to be sourced from the local areas. Sourcing materials and components used locally helps promote the market for locally available resources.

The implementation of the project will create job opportunities for many members of society. The complete execution of the concept will require many people to be involved who can provide services such as financial advisory, accounting, technologists, and others. These people will be employed either permanently or temporarily during the project. The employed people will earn salaries used to improve their living standards.

During the implementation of the project, a lot of emphases will also be given to issues of environmental pollution. The environment is a key aspect that affects living organisms. In implementing the project, environmental conservation measures will be given major emphasis to protect the destruction of the environment from pollution. According to Simpson, Robertson, and White (2020), our business will become the co-creators of a better environment for all people through corporate social responsibility.

As this project will focus on developing technological tools used in the defense industry, it will also focus on the real issues that affect human beings’ lives, such as the environment. All the strategies for improving the environment will be developed following the law. This is mainly because the fact project will require legal in all aspects. The robots and other automated equipment developed will be standard, meeting all the quality requirements.

















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