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Because learning changes everything.®

Chapter 5

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Because learning changes everything.® Chapter 5 Analyzing the Marketing
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Analyzing the Marketing


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Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 5.1 Outline how customers, the

company, competitors, corporate partners, and the

physical environment affect marketing strategy.

Learning Objective 5.2 Explain why marketers must

consider their macroenvironment when they make


Learning Objective 5.3 Identify various social trends that

impact marketing.

Learning Objective 5.4 Examine the technological

advances that are influencing marketers.




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Exhibit 5.2: Understanding the Marketing Environment

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Exhibit 5.2: The Immediate Environment




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Company Capabilities

Successful marketing

firms focus on

satisfying customer

needs that match their

core competencies.

Corning initially made its name by producing the glass enclosure to encase

Thomas Edison’s lightbulb. But by successfully leveraging its core

competency in glass manufacturing while also recognizing marketplace

trends toward mobile devices, Corning shifted its focus.

Somchai Som/Shutterstock 6



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Know their strengths,

weaknesses, and likely

reactions to firm’s

marketing activities.

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Corporate Partners

Parties that work

with the focal firm.

Nau works with

manufacturers to

develop clothing

from sustainable


Nau works with its corporate partners to develop socially

responsible outdoor (left) and urban (right) apparel.

(Left): Philipp Nemenz/Getty Images; (right): PeopleImages/Getty Images 8



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Physical Environment

Sustainable development:

Includes land, water, air, and

living organisms.

Products and services are

influenced by how they are

used in the physical

environment, and in turn they

can also influence the physical



• Energy Trends.

• Greener Practices and

Green Marketing.

• Greenwashing.

Caia Image / Image Source 9



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17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development

EXHIBIT 5.3 Global Goals of Sustainable Development

From the United Nations, “Sustainable Development Goals: 17 Goals to Transform Our World,” Last Modified March 18, 2019. The content of this

publication has not been approved by the United Nations and does not reflect the views of the United Nations or its officials or Member States.


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1. What are the components of the immediate





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Macroenvironmental Factors

EXHIBIT 5.4 The Macroenvironment




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Shared meanings, beliefs, morals, values, and customs of a group of

people transmitted by words, literature, and institutions.

Country Culture

• Subtler aspects can be difficult to navigate.

• Sometimes best answer is to establish universal appeal within specific

identities of country culture.

Regional Culture

• For national and global chains, particularly important to cater to

regional preferences.

• McDonald’s – slightly different variations of staple menu.




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Characteristics of the human

population and segments,

especially those used to

identify consumer markets.

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