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Body Transformation: Completion Survey (June 30).csv

Timestamp Create a personal identifier that is unique to you. If you don’t mind others seeing your information, then can simply use your first and last name. If you don’t want anyone to see your data then pick an identifier that is unique to you so that you are the only one that knows it is YOU. We are creating a collaborative, single data set for this exercise. How many days did you miss on the Daily Survey? What is your current weight in pounds? (ex: 290) What was your weight transformation? (Ex: Gained 10 pounds; Lost 15 pounds) Stress: At the moment of completing this survey, describe your current STRESS level. Emotion: If you were to choose an EMOTICON at this moment, which would you choose?
2022/06/30 6:53:12 AM AST abc123 1 1

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