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McDonald 1 Ashley McDonald
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John Isenhour

ENG 111 – 1D05

July 1, 2022

Fast Food Argumentative Draft


As a general rule of thumb, fast food is considered one of the unhealthiest foods people

consume today. It is absurd to claim that junk food contains any supplement. There are no or few

nutritional benefits to eating junk food. These foods cannot be eaten because of the numerous

additives in their production. As many people believe, eating fast food is not only bad for your

health but also dangerous to your health in far greater numbers than you might think.

In this contemporary age, everyone recognizes that fast food is not the most significant

thing to eat, but they continue to consume it. Many diet-conscious people today strongly condemn

fast food consumption because they want to control their weight and health. Is fast food nutritious?

Many people mistakenly believe that meals are already unhealthy; however, consuming a

nutritional and balanced meal at a fast-food establishment is still okay.

Notably, these objects seem to be health risks that cause illness, for example, coronary

disease, diabetes, obesity, and joint pain. Schlosser contends that fast food or junk food as several

people generally refer to it, impacts individual energy because it contains supplements, which

cause weakness (Bhaskar, P.72). Fast food’s high sugar content exposes the body to increased

metabolic rates. This will upset a person’s digestion system and make them uncomfortable in the

future. This is due to the pancreas secreting increased levels of insulin, which aids in keeping the


John Isenhour
Identify the causes of the problem in the second paragraph. The piece needs a single thesis statement to clearly define a work-related problem and a solution to the problem. A good thesis statement for this paper might read: “The primary solution to the problem of students dropping out of online classes is to build better relationships between online faculty and online students.”
John Isenhour
Identify the problem in the first paragraph.
John Isenhour
Avoid using both first (I, me, we, us) and second person (you, your, yours) in academic work. Using these points of view can cause writers to avoid more descriptive writing such as naming a group that is specifically being described.
John Isenhour
Remove section headings.
John Isenhour
ENG.111.1D05 1 July 2022


McDonald 2

glucose concentration rising. Similarly, fast foods must not contain adequate amounts of sugars

and proteins. This causes exhaustion, irritability, and a desire for sugar.


According to Currie, Janet, et al., the proximity of fast-food restaurants to schools is to

blame for teenagers’ unpleasant or unhea

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