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Two theoretical perspectives that can be used in the interventions in our group are functionalist and symbolic interactionist theories. The two theoretical perspectives are suitable for the group interventions following their aims and objectives. The group interventions involve the actions toward reducing substance use among teenagers. Functionalist and symbolic interactionist theories form better perspectives as they better understand the relationship between humans and society. The group aims at taking actions with necessary skills to manage the encroaching teenage drug misuse in the society.

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The functionalist theory focuses on the stability and the functioning of society as a whole. Through the group interventions, it is possible to engage this theory in taking practical actions in rehabilitating teenagers. The maintenance of better standards that will bring together group aims and society’s expectations are linked to the roles in the institution (Crossman, 2020). Through the use of the learned skills, this perspective allows for the recruiting of measures towards the improvement of our rehabilitation center.

Symbolic interactionist theory, on the other hand, offers the understanding and recognition of human and nature relations by the use of communication strategies. These theories guide the actions towards our group’s alignment and purpose through enhancing our skills. First, understanding the relationship between the risks associated with psychological impacts of substance abuse and societal norms that form the nature of actions (Crossman, 2020). Drug and substance use requires a greater understanding of the societal norms and expectations to incorporate effective measures. The basics of learning and dispensing information, achieved through communication skills, is a significant intervention guided by the symbolic interactionist theory.

In conclusion, the impact of the two theoretical perspectives on the influence on the group’s interventions is critical. The perspectives create a more detailed understanding of the strategies that help deal with teenagers and functional takes towards achieving the desired objectives.



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