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Week 4 Discussion

Contains unread posts

Kimberly Glover posted May 19, 2022 7:30 PM

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Week 4 Discussion Contains unread posts
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Women do tend to live longer than men globally for a number of reasons. Women tend to go to the doctor more for checkups and can discover a health problem sooner. Women also do not live the high-risk life that most men do which contributes to a longer life for women. Girls tend to do better than boys in reading and writing, but boys tend to do better than girls in math, science, and geography. When both gender and race are looked at, many of the differences between men and women disappear. The genetic, biochemical, and physiological processes, including hormonal ones, that affect illness risk, progression, and consequences can all be influenced by a person’s gender.

Women scored significantly higher than the men in chronic stress and minor daily stressors. ( Matud, 2004) Some coping strategies would be to try relaxing techniques like yoga and meditation. Eat healthy well-balanced meals. Learn time management to help manage your time better creating less stress for you. Seek help and talk to people you trust to help.

Motivation can be boosted with the help of others. Maintaining positive social connections can help people stay on track in the pursuit of their goals.


Matud, M. P. (2004). Gender differences in stress and coping styles. Personality and Individual Differences, 37(7), 1401-1415.


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