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Topic 1: The First Interview Worksheet

As a beginning social worker, you need to know how to listen effectively and develop rapport with a client. This assignment will help you develop this skill.

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Topic 1: The First Interview Worksheet
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Directions: Access the “The First Interview” video in the Topic 1 folder in MindTap and the assigned readings for Topic 1. Answer the following questions after you watch the video. Cite two to three sources to defend your answers using in-text citations:

1. Describe the role of the case manager in this case. (50-75 words)


2. What kind(s) of assessment did the case manager use? (50-75 words)


3. Describe what kind of listening the case manager used. What type of questioning did she use? Explain whether this type of questioning was effective or not. (75-100 words)


4. Explain whether the case manager displayed empathy or compassion. Why is it important to display empathy or compassion when working with a client/consumer? (75-100 words)


5. Explain if the case manager developed a rapport with the client or not. Explain if the case manager’s behavior was effective or not. Provide some constructive criticism of the case manager. (100-150 words)



Turn in to the assignment folder by the end of Topic 1.

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