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RESPOND to the discussion prompts below using fully developed answers with examples. 


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RESPOND to the discussion prompts below using fully developed answers with examples. 
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1. In your opinion, why is live theatre important to audiences today?


2. Why do you think published or televised theatre performance reviews are important? How do reviews help you?


3. What makes you want to see a performance – word of mouth, reviews, commercials, etc.


4. What detracts from your experience at a live performance? What makes your experience enjoyable?


5. If given the opportunity to see a live theatre performance outside the United States, where and what would you like to see? Why?



Use 4 of these terms:



Off-Broadway Theatre
Off-Off Broadway Theatre
Repertory Theatre


Dramaturg/literary manager


George Bernard Shaw


Descriptive & Prescriptive criticism






Cirque du Soleil


musical comedy


musical revue






Book (musical)






Andrew Lloyd Webber


Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein




Concept musical


Robert LePage


Kabuki theatre


Kathakali theatre


Fringe theatre




Moscow Art Theatre


theatre critic/reviewer


Rock musical


Broadway Theatre


Jukebox musical









In your ORIGINAL post, did you?

· Discuss and develop this post effectively and thoroughly (100-150 words “C” grade; well-beyond 150 words needed to get more credit)

· Include evidence of reflection and critical thinking (application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation)

· Include detailed examples

· Include underlined terms: at least 4 (four) terms from TERMS: ACT II (The “Live” Theatre Performance)

· Citations from course materials: More than 2(two) parenthetical citations from readings, slides, handouts and videos assigned. See WRITING & CITATION GUIDE

·  Discuss each term used thoroughly to show that you fully understand the term and have used it correctly and in the appropriate context.

In your REPLY post, did you?


· Develop your Reply Post to be thoughtful, relevant and on topic (50-75 words to achieve “C” grade: more than 75 words for more credit)

· Illustrate that you have paid attention to peer’s posting, and include evidence of reflection and critical thinking.

· Avoid “agreement” type of reply essay that consists of a statement of agreement and/or repeating the main points of your peer’s post. You will lose points if you post an “agreement type” post.

Classmate answer to reply:

In my opinion, there are many reasons why live theatre is important to audiences today. Live theatre offers a more immersive experience compared to televised performances. An audience can physically see and hear actors on stage, which overall enhances the show. A few years ago, I saw the “Phantom of the Opera” (a form of musical theatre) live on stage at TPAC in Nashville. The live show was incredible, and it could never compare to any recordings of the performance. Live theatre has a sense of superiority and power that is thrilling to experience and see firsthand.

Published or televised theatre critic reviews are important for many reasons. They give insight into a variety of performances which can help an individual decide on whether a show would be worth their time. Reviews that contain descriptive criticism help me determine the overall quality of a show. For example, a show with more positive reviews most likely indicates the show is worth the experience. Whereas a show with more negative reviews may mean the performance needs improvement, indicating it may not be a good experience. Word of mouth and reviews are my go-to sources when it comes to making me want to see a performance.

Distractions in an audience are what detract me the most from my experience at a live performance. Theatre etiquette (Cues & Concepts) is vitally important when it comes to a balanced performance. When an audience isn’t behaving to their best ability, it creates distractions that can take away the experience of any live performance. In Benedict Cumberbatch’s plea to theatre audience, he expresses “There’s nothing less supportive or enjoyable than audience cell phone use during a performance.” (Serico 1) Therefore, cell phone use not only distracts other audience members but also distracts performers on stage.

If I was given the opportunity to see a live theatre performance outside the United States, I would love to see Disney’s “The Lion King” at the Lyceum Theatre in London, England. “The Lion King” is one of my favorite Disney movies and I can’t imagine the amount of magic a live experience holds.

Assigned sources:




https://ufdcimages.uflib.ufl.edu/AA/00/02/18/70/00001/Mitchell_TheatricalWorlds_accessible.pdf How to see a play (pg. 12-13) American musical (pg. 204-230) world theatre (pg. 231-267)

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