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Please, Answer all questions


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Please, Answer all questions 1. What you learned from the newborn assessment?
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1. What you learned from the newborn assessment?

2. Your feelings about the parent of the two-year-old?

3. What resources you would offer the 15-year-old?

4. How you personally can educate parents about vaccinations for their children?


I got 99 problems but Pedi math ain‘t one!


2.2 lbs. = 1 kg

1kg = 2.2 lbs.

1 lb = 16 oz

Convert pounds to kilograms:

1. 30 lbs =_______ kg

2. 15 lb 5 oz = _________kg

3. 7 ¼ lbs. = _______kg

4. 22lbs = ________kg

5. 4lbs 5 oz =_______kg

6. 75 lbs = _______kg

7. 10 ½ lbs= _______kg


1. Child Wt.: 33 lbs.

Physician order: Augmentin 150 mg PO q8 hours

Drug Guide: Children </= 40 kg receive 6.7 – 13.3 mg/kg q8 hours

a. Convert 33 lb. to kg ____________

b. Calculate low and high dose range:

LOW DOSE: ___________

HIGH DOSE: __________

c. Is the ordered dose in the safe range? ________

d. The medication concentration is Augmentin 125 mg/ 5 mL. How many mL would you need to draw up to equal 150 mg? ____________ mL




2. Your 4 year old pediatric patient weighing 40 lbs. She is febrile. You need to administer ACETAMINOPHEN (Tylenol) 15mg/kg. How many mg will you administer?

2b: The acetaminophen (Tylenol) packages come in liquid form 160

mg/5mL. How many mL will you administer to your 40 lb. patient?

3. Your patient has an order for Terbutaline (Brethine) 0.25 mg subcutaneous. The pharmacy delivers a syringe with 1mg/mL. How much will you WASTE in order to give the correct dose?

4. A child is prescribed oral chloral hydrate 250 mg. The drug is available as an elixir containing 200 mg in 5 mL.

5. Prescription is oral Phenobarbital 45 mg. It is available as 15 mg in 5 mL.

6. Baby is prescribed 25 mcg Digoxin IV. It is available as 500 mcg in 2mL.

I.V. Fluids Calculations:

1. 4kg infant. Maintenance fluids written at 50 ml/kg in 8hrs. What is the hourly IV infusion rate?

2. 26.4lb child. Maintenance fluids written at 75 ml/kg in 8 hrs. What is the hourly IV infusion rate?

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