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PART A: PROJECT CHARTER General Information
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Project Charter

Unit I













General Information

Project Title: Custom home building project
Brief Project Description: The project involves building a single-story building that will be made based on the client’s preferences in terms of design and the features included in the building. The project will build bricks to develop walls and concrete on the floors and the roof rather than using the sheet.
Prepared by: Charles Bunn
Date: 7th May 2022


Project Objective

The project’s objective is to construct custom homebuilding for a family of five and ensure ample space to accommodate additional ten guests. Also, the project aims to develop custom homebuilding at the most affordable price for the client and prioritize providing the best quality for the client. The client will have saved much money and obtained a high-quality modern home with the project.



1. The stated cost figures and amounts reflect the market value of the cost elements. This means the cost of every component of materials used in the project reflects the exact amount stated in the market.

2. The cost estimation methods used in the project are similar to the universally recognized methods. This ensures there are no loops created in cost estimation that may result in errors in cost estimation.

3. All variables necessary in the cost estimation and management process are incorporated in the project plan, and no contingent factors will arise during the project period.


Project Scope

The project covers the planning, the materials needed, and the implementation process. The planning aspect highlights all the variables considered in the construction process. This involves the structure’s design, the necessary cost of operations, and the metrics used to determine the project’s progress and success. Also, it entails the quality assurance and the compliance requirements to be followed in implementing the project and ensuring it is successful. The project focuses on the construction process and the time taken to complete the construction process in the implementation process.


The project scope excludes processes associated with third parties, such as materials offered by the suppliers that are not involved in constructing the customs building. Also, it excludes other developments that the client may want to add to the compound of the building as it does not involve the custom building. This includes the landscaping activities.


Project Milestones

Milestone Deliverables Date
Project plan Entails all variables relevant to the project 15th May 2022
Project/ building design Structure 30th May 2022
Cost estimation Materials needed and the cost estimates 10th June 2022
Project implementation Construction of the building 30th September 2022


Roles and Responsibilities

Project Title Name and Contacts Responsibility
Project Manager Name: Leads in the preparation and improvement of the venture; deals with the undertaking to scope. Obligations include: foster the task plan; distinguish project expectations; recognize gambles and encourage gamble the board plan; direct the undertaking assets (colleagues); scope control and change the executives; supervise quality affirmation of the venture the board cycle; keep up with all documentation including the venture plan; report and figure project status; resolve clashes inside the task or between cross-utilitarian groups; guarantee that the venture’s item meets the business targets; and impart project status to partners.
Team Members Name: Makes progress toward the expectations of the task. Obligations include: comprehending the work to be finished; finished research, information on social occasions, investigation, and documentation as framed in the venture plan; advising the task director regarding issues, scope changes, and hazard and quality worries; proactively conveying status; and oversee assumptions.
Customer: Name: The individual mentions the deliverable. Obligations include: joining forces with the support or task administrator to make the Project Charter; banding together with the undertaking director to deal with the venture, including the timetable, work plan, testing, assets, preparing, and documentation of methodology; working with the venture group to recognize the specialized way to deal with be utilized and the expectations to be outfitted toward the culmination of the undertaking; give a reasonable meaning of the business objective; approve project expectations; take responsibility for the created process.



Resource Constraint
Project Budget $1,000,000
Time Five months
Project team members Four members


Project Risks

Project Risk Mitigation Strategy
Cost risk Avoidance
Operational risk Mitigation strategy
Schedule risk Avoidance
Legal risk Transfer


Success Measurement

The main target is to reduce the overall cost by $100,000 without compromising the quality of the project or building. Also, there is a target of reducing the implementation period by 15 days, approximately half a month.



Customer: Signature Date
Project Manager Signature Date




The project involves the construction of custom homebuilding.

General Project Description

The project involves building a single-story building that will be made based on the client’s preferences in terms of design and the features included in the building. The project will build bricks to develop the walls and concrete on the floors and the roof rather than using the sheet.


To develop a viable construction plan, including a structured design and the details needed in developing the project.

To create high-quality design at an affordable plan.

To ensure the project is eco-friendly and efficient enough in energy consumption.

Budget Considerations and constraints

The custom home building construction project is limited to 5 months. Also, it is to be done within a budget of $1,000,000 and managed by a team of four individuals who the support staff and casual workers will assist.

OPR Process Tracking

A Gantt Chart will be used in tracking the progress of the project to ensure the activities are carried out within the required time.


The construction project will be subject to the preferences of the customers, which will be integrated into the architectural design of the homebuilding.

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning

Occupancy, Climatic, Temperature, and Sizing Requirements

Air Quality and Ventilation

General HVAC Systems Data

Design Calculation and Tools

HVAC Budget Issues

HVAC Performance Requirements

Energy Efficiency and Demand Reduction

Renewable Energy


Electrical Systems


Power Capacity and Redundancy

Power Quality

Lighting and Visual Quality

Lighting Levels

Light Fixtures and Lamps

Lighting Control

Emergency Generator and UPS


Plumbing systems

Water Efficiency

Fixture Controls

Energy Efficiency


Environmental and Sustainability goals


Sustainable siting and planning

Water efficiency and conservation

Energy efficiency

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