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Outline for Project – Part 2. Use the same company as for Project Part 1.

I. Internal Environmental Analysis 20 points- Discuss 3 topics. Finance/Accounting must be one of the three. Discuss each of the three functional areas you select in terms of strengths and weaknesses for the COMPANY.

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Outline for Project – Part 2. Use the same company as for Project Part 1.
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A. Research and Development

B. Production

C. Marketing

D. Human Resources Management

E. Finance/Accounting: discuss at least 3 ratios

II. Generation of Alternatives 60 points- In light of current strengths and weaknesses, as well as your analysis of the external environment in Project Part 1, discuss 2 possible strategic alternatives. Alternatives are strategic approaches the company could take going forward from the point of your internal/external analysis. This is where you are telling the company executives what they should do, not what they’ve already done. Both alternatives should be fully developed, multi-functional, viable for the company and strong enough to stand on their own. Within each alternative be sure to highlight the expected benefits to the company of pursuing this option, and any potential pitfalls as well. For each alternative: Use one of the following generic strategies and its concepts from the text as a foundation for your discussion/proposal.

a. Concentration

b. Market development

c. Market penetration

d. Product development

e. Backward vertical integration

f. Forward vertical integration

g. Horizontal integration

h. Diversification – related or unrelated

i. Retrenchment

j. Divestiture

k. Harvest

l. Bankruptcy

m. Merger

n. Acquisition

o. Joint venture

p. Strategic alliance

Here’s a few examples of NOT fully developed alternatives: 1) “They should expand into another country and make an alliance with a company there.” What country and why, what company and why, how will the alliance work (who does what), etc.? THEN it’s fully developed. 2) “They should make new products.” What products and why, are they able to make these products with current skills, what new rivals/industry does this expose them to and can they handle that, etc.?

III. Recommendation 10 points- Select one of your alternatives and explain why you selected it over the other. Remember, both are supposed to be viable so don’t write “Alternative 2 would never work.” or anything like that.

Outline for Project – Part 2

Writing requirements 10 points

– The paper should be typed double-spaced.

– Use heading for topics/subtopics to separate your paper.

– Use good writing style – introductory/ conclusion sentences for paragraphs, complete sentences, transitions between paragraphs/sections

– References – you should have at least 6 references and you should put them at the end of the paper (use whatever style you like on this as long as the references are complete). Be sure you indicate in the body of the paper where the references are used.

– Please write in your own words – “borrowing” significant portions of quoted material without attributing it to an author is plagiarism. Even if you use your own words and they are not your thoughts, you still need to reference the material. (NOTE: I will run papers through a plagiarism program, so be careful to use your own work.)

– Use tables for financial information (also acceptable to use tables for other information). A financial ratio table offers comparisons, either prior 3 years for the company or current year against rivals. Put the tables at the end of the paper and number them (also number them within the body of the paper) as shown:


Table 1 here


This paper is likely to be 6 – 10 pages, typed double-spaced.

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