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Main Question


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Main Question Please Note:
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Please Note:

This week’s assignment is a case study about people who were agents of moral change. For either of this week’s assignment options, students are instructed to engage in their own research. One or more primer articles have been provided to start your research. However, students are to include a minimum of two unique, external articles which pertain to their study subject. Students may use Wikipedia as a reference for this assignment.

Specifically, for either of these assignments, students are to use and cite two external documents, at least one Primer (or provided article), the article by Oldenquist, or Kluger, or Tomasellos, and an assigned reading article from a previous week. If you have questions, please ask.

Option One: 

Subject to the note above, research the life and accomplishments of one of the following moral agents of change: Malala Yousaf Zai, Standing Bear, W.E.B. Du Bois, Mitsuye Endo, Hannah Arendt, or Cesar Chavez. For this assignment, examine the life and actions of one of these individuals and then answer the following questions:

· What value(s) did your research subject demonstrate?

· How did this value help them become a moral agent of change?

· What can we learn from this model citizen?

· How can we use our choices and behaviors to set positive examples for others?

· How might ordinary citizens become extraordinary moral agents of change?






Format information



3+1 rule Students write an essay or “primary assignment” each week on a different topic. Keep in mind:

· The 3+1 Rule is mandatory and so be sure to familiarize yourself with it.

· Organization should follow this format:


1. Introduction that summarizes what will be discussed and provides a thesis statement.

2. The body of the essay. It should be multi-paragraph. Each paragraph should discuss one aspect that supports the thesis statement.

3. Conclusion that summarizes what was discussed.

4. References in APA.

5. In-text citations are also required.







This week’s readings (use three for references)

· On the Nature of Citizenship , Andrew Oldenquist, Educational Leadership

· What Makes Us Moral , Jeffrey Kluger, Tiffany Sharples, Alexandra Silver, Time Magazine, 2007

· How We Learned to Put our Fate in One Another’s Hands , Michael Tomasello, Scientific American, 2018


Last week’s readings (pick one)

· Globalization is Good for You , Ronald Bailey, Reason, 2015

· Tracing the Impact of Globalisation on a Restaurant Menu Card , Arundhathi Baburaj, Women’s Era, 2018

· Fortnite’s  Digital Goods Are Key to the Future of Global Trade , Shawn Donnan, Bloomberg Businessweek, 2019

· World Order 2.0 – The Case for Sovereign Obligation , Richard N. Haass, Foreign Affairs, 2017

· Nationalism Gains Momentum , Trend Magazine, 2018

· Teaching Globalization  in the Time of Trump , Jane Elizabeth Hughes, BizEd, 2019

· Population Bulletin Update: Immigration in America 2010 , Population Reference Bureau, 2010

· Immigration by the Numbers , Elaine Kamarck, John Hudak, Christine Stenglein, The Brookings Institution, 2017

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