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There are many non-U.S. based file storage services, such as Data BaGG (India) and JustCloud (U.K.). They let you send and receive documents, photos, or any other types of files, even very large files similar to Dropbox and Google Drive.


Research a non-U.S. based service as well as a U.S. based service such as SugarSync, Carbonite, iDrive, BackBlaze, Dropbox, Google Drive, CrashPlan, and Mozy.


Write a 3- to 4-page informal paper based on your research.


Include the following:

· Briefly describe the two providers you researched.

· Describe the purpose of a terms of service.

· Compare the terms of service agreement of the two providers.

· Describe the acceptable use, conduct, and data privacy policies of the two providers.

· Define how accounts and passwords are secured by the two providers.

· List 3 ways the two providers collect and store your personal information.

· Test out one of the non-U.S. based providers that have free services. Take a screenshot of what you tested. Share your experience.

· Describe 2 vulnerabilities you think each provider has that may influence a decision against using it.


Submit your informal paper and screenshot.

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