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Not the part of essay:

4 sentences:

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Not the part of essay: 4 sentences:
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Is government search and seizure of computers without a warrant ethical? Why or why not?

Do you believe a government employee should have the power to inspect the data on your mobile computer or device? Why or why not?

If memories or thoughts someday are decipherable by a computer at a security checkpoint, should it be legal for the government to scan them? Why or why not?


Essay format below: (All Essay questions must be completed in a Word document and uploaded in ecampus.  Your Essay questions must also contain at least 400 words to be acceptable)

Your name: (bold and left margin)

Article Title (bold  and centered)

Summary of article: (bold and left margin)

Summarize the article under the above title.

Question #1 (write each question then answer the questions, bold and left margin)

Answer the questions under the above title.  Continue this format until you have answered all questions.


Read Ethics and Issues 2-3. “Who is Responsible for Monitoring Cyberbullying”

Summarize the article and answer the questions below the article. Please complete this assignment using 400 words and at least 4 paragraphs

Section – 2-7 (chapter or module 2, section 2-7)


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Consider This: Should schools be responsible for punishing students who cyberbully other students outside of school? Why or why not? What role can parents play in reducing cyberbullying? What are the positive and negative aspects of the freedom to be anonymous on the Internet?

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