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MKT 335 KPI Snapshot


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MKT 335 KPI Snapshot
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The snapshot below suggests KPIs to consider based on identified campaign goals. You may use this information to develop the campaign summary for Milestone One. As you continue through the course, you will gain a deeper understanding of KPIs as you explore different channels. Be sure to revisit your proposed KPIs later in the course to ensure your response reflects this additional knowledge.


Goal KPI
Awareness Video Views
Consideration Cost Per Click (CPC)
Consideration Save (Instagram Only)
Conversion Cost Per Click (CPC)
Conversion Cost Per Lead (CPL)
Awareness CPM
Advocacy Share
Engagement Cost Per Engagement (CPE)



Note: These KPIs are specific to advertising campaigns and the channels they are running on. Brands will often go a step further and develop some of their own KPIs for consideration.

For more information on the most essential KPIs, review these resources:


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