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Assignment title: Qualitative Project Weighting: 30% Faculty responsible: Mr. Vlad
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Assignment title: Qualitative Project


Weighting: 30%


Faculty responsible: Mr. Vlad


Program: BBA6


Course name: Business & Academic Research Methods


Course number: GEN 4153


Hand-out date: Week 10


Hand-in date: Week 14, Sunday, June 19th, before 23:55


Assignment Overview:

Students will propose and carry out an applied qualitative research project in pairs. They will propose a

specific research question (see Topics section) and a design that will allow them to answer it within the

given parameters:

– deductive approach

– secondary and qualitative data (text)

– thematic analysis.

The results of the research will be presented in a visual format (slideshow in .pdf format).


Overall aim:

To enable students to demonstrate their capacity of research design and the qualitative data collection,

analysis, and presentation skills.

Learning outcomes: 1,2,3,4


Organization and methodology:


The research question and the pair members must be submitted directly to the teacher, by the end of the


Overall project parameters:

1. Approach:

a. Deductive

2. Data:

a. Secondary

b. Qualitative (text)

3. Analysis

a. Thematic

b. “A priori” codes required

“In vivo” codes, if applicable

4. Presentation

a. Qualitative (figures and text)

b. Slideshow format




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Topics: students can choose to use the topic from the Literature Review or select one of the topics below,

in order to propose and answer their specific research question:


– Travel and Tourism

– Hospitality

– Business


Slideshow presentation guidelines – Only 9 slides:


Slide 1: Introduction:

This slide must show the logo, pair members, course name and code.


Slide 2: Statement of authorship


Slide 3: Research question

The question must be specific, relevant, and feasible, given the parameters of the project. Students

can use objectives to limit the scope of the research, as it may be difficult to specify only through

the research question.


Slide 4: Theoretical framework

A minimum of 3 academic sources must be used. In case competing/alternative theories are

available, students can choose one (justify) or more, and analyse the data regarding all theories

(smaller samples allowed).


Slide 5: Data Used

Explain/justify the data used, regarding:

– Validity – Are the selected texts appropriate to answer the research question?

– Source – Where does the data come from? What was its purpose, originally?

– Sampling – How did you select the specific texts you analysed? What method or criteria was used?


Slide 6: Thematic Analysis

Explain the codes/categories identified for the theoretical framework used in the analysis, with the

corresponding in-text citations. Include any “a priori” codes required or “in vivo” codes developed,

if applicable through analysis.


Slide 7: Findings

The results of the analysis and the links to existing theory must be presented visually (tables, charts,

figures, etc.). The results must clearly show the answer to the research question. Some text can be

used, where necessary.


Slide 8: Conclusions


Slide 9: References


Assessment tasks & weighting:


1. Research question 10%

2. Theoretical framework 10%

3. Data Used 20%

4. Thematic Analysis 20%

5. Findings 20%

6. APA References 10%

7. English Skills 10%

8. Data Analysis Files (not graded) submitted via Moodle (not Turnitin).


Word count: N/A (see instructions)


Resources available: ebook, assignment documents (outline, template, mockup, rubric,

examples), class materials (Moodle).




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Excellent (10) Good (8) Pass (6) Fail (4) Zero (0)


Research question 10%

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