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Treatment example – – Admissions View video project

Some background on the project…

Students were to create promotional/informational videos to be used on the Admissions department’s website to recruit prospective students. The videos were to be 1-2 minutes in length and include a mix of interviews with La Salle students, faculty, and staff. Students created individual videos for each of the fall sports before we were told that using these videos would be a violation of NCAA rules, which is too bad because they were pretty good!

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Treatment example – – Admissions View video project
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La Salle Rowing


As the video opens, a graphic with a title and the University chevron introducing the subject appears on the screen. Upon the fading away of the graphic, Coach Connell is seated at his desk with rowing posters and trophies around him. He is talking about how rowing for La Salle is such an excellent experience. As he discusses that the opportunity to be on a varsity sport is a thrill, an image of rowers at practice working their hardest comes up on the screen and then the focus shifts back to Coach Connell. He then goes on to say that Philadelphia has a very old rowing tradition and that boathouse row where practices and races take place is one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Footage of boathouse row is placed over Coach Connell’s voice and as he ends his point, a team member begins to speak.

Nicole Caronia now appears on the screen in her rowing attire and describes what the sports is really about and how meeting new people and experiencing new things has made such a difference in her life. She discusses how the team has really become like a family and how close she is with her team, which was unexpected because she had no prior experience. Footage of the team spending quality time together and cheering the rest of the team on overshadows Nicole’s voice briefly. The footage fades away and Coach Connell comes back into the picture.

Coach Connell starts discussing how each season works and what is expected of each rower for practices. He also mentions spring break and how the team travels together to a new and exciting place to train and also to have fun and bond. The focus then switches back to another rower.

The rower discusses rowing and how it works as well as where races take place. Footage over this portion includes showing a race on the Schuylkill River and the team cheering on the boat in the race. The rower goes on to talk about how there are support services for athletes if they struggle academically. The rower also says that the balance between academics and this sport is challenging but worth the effort. After this, the focus switches back to Nicole.

Nicole comes back in to the picture only to say that aside form the camaraderie and fun involved, the crew team can also offer grants and scholarships to new members and other members that have earned the scholarship after a few years of being on the team. She finishes by saying that this was a rewarding experience that she would never give up and to do it all over again, she would certainly come out to be a part of this team

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