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Due 6/6 by midnight

The goal of this second and final assignment is to conduct your own original research in order to flesh out your chosen gender problems topic.  This assignment will help you to determine how your gender problem/issue operates as a lived experience in real people’s lives.  What do people believe about this topic? How do they make sense of it? How do they experience and explain it? How do they develop strategies to navigate this gender problem? What do they see as possible solutions to this problem?  What might stand in the way of implementing these solutions?

Another goal of this second project is to further reflect on your previous library research.  Do your interview findings fill a gap in the existing research?  Do your interview findings confirm, challenge, modify, or extend previous research?  If so, in what ways?

Finally, you will offer a possible solution to this gender problem. 


You will write a concise, well-crafted paper.  This paper will 1) tell a story about this gender problem from the point of view of your interviewees, 2) relate this story back to your previous research on the gender problem, and 3) offer a possible solution to this gender problem.

The entire paper should approximate 6-7 pages total.  Your paper should be double-spaced, standard 11-12 point font, 1” margins.

Structure of Paper:

Please address each question in the following order:

  • Give a short overview of how you found your interviewees and why you chose them. What were you hoping they might reveal to you?  Here, you can also discuss any interpersonal dynamics you experienced during the interviews which may have affected your findings (if applicable). (1/2- 1 page).
  • The lion’s share of this paper should be dedicated to presenting what you learned about your topic through in-depth interviews. What are the major themes you found in your interviewees’ narratives?  What is the story they tell about this gender issue (i.e. how they experience this issue, how they view and understand it, how they struggle with it, how they strategize to deal with it, etc.).  Make sure to give plenty of examples from your interviews.  These examples should represent key illustrative quotes: anything from short, powerful statements to short paragraph (block) quotes. (4 pages).
  • Relate your findings back to the previous research you’ve done on this gender problem, and to at least two class readings. Do your findings confirm, challenge, extend, or modify previous research?  How so, and in what ways?  What does your research add to the current debate?  Do these interviews change your views and perspectives on this gender problem? If so, in what ways? (1-2 pages).
  • Propose a possible solution (or solutions) to this gender problem. This solution can be pulled from your previous research, your interviews, class readings, or your own diagnosis of the problem.  In short, what is the most pressing piece of this gender problem, what is the source, and what can be done to make it better?  This solution could take the form of a policy recommendation, a suggestion for changing the way that institutions like sports, schools, families, media or workplaces operate, or a larger cultural shift in society. (1/2- 1 page).  This solution could be as realistic or as idealistic as you wish.

Since you will be referencing your previous library research in this paper, please attach a bibliography to the end of this paper.  You do not need to include bibliographic information for your two class readings.

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