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Running head: L2A04 1 L2A04 2
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Institutional Affiliation



1. What specific skills are needed to facilitate your proposed group? Do you possess those skills? If not, how will you obtain those specific skills?

Every social mobilization group tends to have specific goals that it needs to achieve. The proposed group’s primary goal is to promote awareness to facilitate the reduction of substance abuse among teenagers and young adults. However, for the proposed group to achieve its ultimate goals, several specific skills will need to be implemented (Rawson & Obert, 2013). These skills include leadership skills, teamwork skills, communication skills as well as social interaction skills.

` Communication skills involve having the ability to share and convey feelings and ideas effectively. Having excellent communication skills will allow the targeted group to open up and speak up about their issues. Teamwork skills involve having the ability to work effectively in the proposed group. These skills will ensure that the group feels like a family where everyone cooperates and assist each other in achieving their goals.

Having leadership skills means possessing the ability to direct the proposed group towards achieving their goals. This is an essential skill because it ensures that the group is headed in the right direction. Having social interaction skills will ensure that the proposed group has proper communication and interaction. Lack of this skill might lead to social awkwardness in the proposed group. I believe I possess these skills, but I will need to attain some training to polish the skills in order for the proposed group to be effective.

2. What major potential problems do you anticipate you will encounter facilitating your group? How might you deal with this challenge?

The group is bound to encounter some significant potential problems (Desai & Falco, 2015). One of these problems is a lack of participation from the targeted group because they may feel that they are being attacked due to being substance abusers. Based on this issue, it will need the social mobilization staff to clearly define the purpose of the group and the benefits it is desired to bring to the targeted population. This will enable the targeted population to embrace the social mobilization group and its related activities appropriately.

Another issue would arise from the drug dealers and suppliers. They might start spreading false information about the group, which may deter the targeted population from fully participating. A way of dealing with this issue and others that may arise is by holding forums to engage, educate and inspire the community. The goal of this is to generate awareness, motivate action as well as keep the community focused on the issue.

3. What are some ways to combine research and practice to enhance your skills and practical applications on group work?

A major approach that can be used to combine research and practice is the use of evidence-based research. Evidence-based research may be described as the utilization of previous research in a transparent and systematic approach to inform a new study so that the questions that may arise may be answered in a valid, accessible, and efficient manner. This approach will allow me to review various researches conducted on the appropriate leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, and social interaction skills are effectively implemented to achieve the ultimatum goal. Further, through evidence-based research, I may be in a better position to adequately understand various challenges that I may experience with the group, as well as have an idea of how to resolve these challenges.



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