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Question 1

APA FORMAT 350 words each questions

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Question 1 APA FORMAT 350 words each questions 
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Page 498, Skill Builder 15.1

What Would You Do?

Three people applied to you for an opening as a lathe operator.  One is totally unqualified.  One is experienced, but has a poor attitude. The third lacks experience, but seems especially eager for the job; you think she would be a good worker if she had more experience, but you’re not sure.  You have some rush work you need to get out.  Which of the following courses would you choose?

1. If the eager applicant has good references, hire her for a probationary period. But keep looking for a more qualified person in case she doesn’t work out.

2. Pass up the three applicants. Keep looking.

3. Hire the experienced person, ignoring his attitude—you’ve got work to get out!

Question 1: Say what you would do and why you would choose that option.

Question 2

Read the posted picture and answer the following 2 questions

Pages 499-500, Case 15.1

1: What avenues are now open to Trent?

2. What des this case say to you about the need for supervisors to act morally?

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