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Discussion: Security Threats


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Discussion: Security Threats
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Oh no, you are late for work! You rush to get out the door but leave your front door wide open. It is hot and your car AC is broken, so you ride with the windows down. You put your wallet, phone, and lunch on the seat. As soon as you are pulling into the parking lot at work, your boss motions you over to the electric vehicle charging station. You hop out of your car thinking you will come right back, so you leave the keys. Your boss continues to talk to you as you walk into the building. Three hours later, you realize you left your keys, wallet, and phone in your car, without protecting any of it. This scenario seems unlikely because of the obvious risk of inviting others to take your unlocked and unprotected valuables. So, we need to make sure that we provide protection for the e-Commerce solutions we are proposing instead of leaving the business and customers at great risk.

Create a table following the format in the example below, filling in the columns and rows, and post it to the discussion.

Identify at least six security threats and define each with an example that you find online, have heard about in the news, or have experienced yourself. Include the dimension of security, as well as a reason why you categorized the threat in that dimension. Choose a tool that could have prevented the threat or will prevent that threat in the future.

Security Threat Identify at Least Six Security Threats and Define with an Example Dimension of e-Commerce Security and Why Tool Prevention for Previous and/or Future Threats
Security Threat 1      
Security Threat 2      
Security Threat 3      
Security Threat 4      
Security Threat 5  

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