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Briefly describe the psychological perspective that interests you the most, and why. Then, explain how nature and nurture each contribute to behavior according to the psychological perspective you chose. Finally, evaluate how the interplay between biology and environment can impact behavior.

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DISCUSSION QUESTION Briefly describe the psychological perspective that interests you the most, and why. Th
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After reading and learning about all the perspectives, the one that interests me the most is the psychodynamic perspective. I really do believe as the author mentioned that events that happened inour childhood can have a big impact on our behavior as adults (McLeod 2013). Many times, when aperson says something to me in jest and then says oh, I’m just kidding I feel as though they aren’t really kidding, they really meant what they said they just didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I would consider thisa slip of the tongue. McLeod said “Freud used three main methods of accessing theunconscious mind:free association, dream analysis and slips of the tongue”. All of these methods do in fact show that thepsychodynamic perspective is really a valid perspective.Nature refers to the biological tendencies such as behavior that is inherited whereas nurture refers tothe environmental tendencies such as behavior that is learned. As mentioned on the Laureate Education




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