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Learnind Modules – Assignment 1

Module 1

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Learnind Modules – Assignment 1 Module 1 Integrating Health, Safety, and Nutrition
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Integrating Health, Safety, and Nutrition

How these three concepts are integrated for childcare environment

Assignment 1

As we all know, the health, safety, and nutrition are crucial aspects of our living and it is the greatest importance and vital for the healthy development of any human being; in this course, we will be exploring many matters related to these 3 concepts which actually are fully integrated, one cannot go without the other two. It is a course overview interrelationship of Health, Safety, and Nutrition. Please read chapter 1 from your textbook, or research in the information here included and from your own research.

Please reflect, read, and develop a 3-page document where you will explain what are the concepts of Health, Safety and Nutrition focusing particularly on young children and their healthy growth and development. Make sure you use 12 letter size and double space in all documents you develop.

Please cite the documents and other readings and resources you have researched for this assignment, web links, and documents.

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