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Diversity, Cultural Competency, Oppression, and Privilege is required to be 3-5 pages, 12 point font, with double-spacing, APA formatting with 3 references as a minimum (textbooks can be included as citations). If citations are used, please follow APA format Diversity, Oppression, and Privilege. Continuum of Diversity Awareness and plan for continued development (50 points)

What would you consider to be your core values regarding diversity, oppression, and privilege?
Where and how did you learn these values?
In what areas do your values agree with learned social work values
Provide a discussion about diversity, oppression, and privilege as they tie into social justice and social work values and profession. Going further, please relay experiences you may have had within these areas and how you plan on working on issues of social injustice.
Discuss your personal thoughts on diversity and oppression and what topics or populations may be more challenging to you in your future as a social service field worker. Please use cognitive and affective processes in your reflection with critical thought and depth.
After reviewing the Cultural Competency Continuum, please discuss which stage you are currently in, where you may have been in the past and where you would like to be in the future. Please also discuss how you would integrate this in with learned social work values and why this is uniquely important in social work.

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Diversity, Cultural Competency, Oppression, and Privilege is required to be 3-5 pages
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