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Use one of the following theorists: Erikson, Piaget or Kohlberg….


  1. Use one of the following theorists: Erikson, Piaget or Kohlberg. Describe a clinical situation involving a toddler, preschooler or adolescent. Integrate knowledge of the theorist chosen in your approach to caring for the child and then evaluate how knowledge of the theorist changed your approach.
  2. Justify why you need to understand a person’s physical or psychological development for patient care. Assess which developmental tasks are independent or interdependent and apply that information to a situation when you have cared for a patient at any stage of development in the clinical setting
  3. There is frequent controversy about corporal punishment for children, including a famous football player who used a “switch” and left marks on the child. Analyze how the moral theorist would regard corporal punishment and what health promotion advice you would give in this area.
  4. Explain the effect that studying various developmental theories has had on your own idea of human development.
  5. Analyze which theory best fits your perception of the stages of development. Describe the theory in your explanation and how the theory would affect your nursing care.
  6. Give an example of how you could utilize developmental theories in nursing practice. Analyze whether this would only affect pediatric clients or whether these theories could be used with the adult population.
  7. An increasing number of parents are refusing to immunize their children because of the perceived health risks of various vaccines. Given the 2019 Covid-19 Pandemic, describe how this will this affect the goals of Healthy People 2020 and whether you would expect an increase in certain communicable diseases. Explain how nurses, now more than ever,  can help improve health promotion education in this area.

 Activity Outcomes
1. Analyze and evaluate information critically and effectively.
2. Compare and contrast various development theories and principles when applied to patients during a variety of developmental stages.

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Use one of the following theorists: Erikson, Piaget or Kohlberg….
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