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Social Determinants of Health Topic 1 Increasingly, health…


Social Determinants of Health

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Social Determinants of Health Topic 1 Increasingly, health…a
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Topic 1

Increasingly, health policymakers are becoming aware of the social determinants of health and the role they play in prevention disease and promoting health and wellness.

  • In the “Frameworks for Action in Policy and Politics” chapter, examine Box 1-1 (Political Aspects of the Social Determinants of Health) and Figure 1-6 (The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Nursing’s Policy Influence). Compare these with the story about Lilian Wald’s work in New York City.
  • Reflect on the “what” of Wald’s strategies. In your opinion, which did she use effectively? Looking further at the “what” in Figure 1-6, answer any one of the following questions: Discuss at least three competencies/strategies that you have used effectively. Identify three competencies/strategies that you don’t currently use and discuss how you might incorporate them into your advocacy toolbox.

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