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Please upload Reaction Paper 2 after viewing the History Channel…


Please upload Reaction Paper 2 after viewing the History Channel documentary on Illegal Drugs and How They Got that Way unto this Reaction Paper 2 Assignment Link by Sat night.

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Please upload Reaction Paper 2 after viewing the History Channel…a
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Marijuana and Methamphetamine, HOOKED: ILLEGAL DRUGS ep.1


by the History Channel on U tube




Student must discuss the following points in reaction papers (in ESSAY FORMAT; not numbered questions):


1. One paragraph summary of what documentary film/movie was about and if there was any bias (This means: is the film presented from a particular biased standpoint? Or does the film present a balanced viewpoint, showing all opposing sides?).


2. How does this documentary film/movie connect or relate to OUR CLASS TOPICS AND DISCUSSIONS as well as to your personal life? (This is very important! Make strong, specific class connections. If you state, “The film is about addiction and the class is about addiction,” that is NOT a strong, specific connection, and you will not get full credit. Gives lots of details! Refer to the eText and other sources we’ve been discussing!).


3. What did you learn in this documentary film/movie in relation to ideas we have covered in class? (State something NEW you learned about the topic from the documentary).


4. What was your reaction and opinion of the documentary film/movie, and would you recommend it to future classes? (This is where you provide your critique of the film. Explain WHAT makes it recommendable or not; Explain WHY you think it’s a good–or bad–film).


Content: Topic Background:

• Topic background and connection to course content (lecture notes, text) are covered thoroughly, clearly, and accurately in one paragraph.


Content: Opinions & points of view:

•At least three key points made by the documentary were addressed thoroughly, clearly, and accurately.


Content: New information learned:

•At least three new pieces of information were described

•Personal opinion of the documentary was discussed, along with reasons for your opinion.

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