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Nursing management of the client with a wound infection SITUATION: A 39 year old female underwent a partial bowel resection (removal of the bowel) as treatment for a malignant tumor. Prior to her surgery, she received radiation and chemotherapy in an effort to reduce the size of the tumor. She has lost a significant amount of weight over the past six months and is about twenty pounds under weight under her ideal weight. Currently, her incision is well approximated, free of redness, tenderness or swelling.
1. The nurse adds the diagnosis of “risk for wound infection” to the client’s plan of care. Is the nurse justified in adding this diagnosis since there are no indications of infection? Why or why not?

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Nursing management of the client with a wound infection SITUATION:…
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2. How will the nurse know if the client is developing a wound infection?


3.  What is the single most important nursing intervention to protect the woman from developing a postoperative wound infection?


4. Cite several other nursing interventions that are appropriate for this client.

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