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Men’s health has importance in the early adult and middle-aged…


  1. Men’s health has importance in the early adult and middle-aged years. What educational programs for health care providers and for men themselves could or should be implemented to encourage men to seek earlier medical and preventive care?
  2. Describe the impact of the failure to develop a sense of intimacy during young adulthood on the middle-aged adult experiencing the empty nest syndrome.
  3. Explain the meaning of the “sandwich generation” and what stressors contribute to the challenges of middle adulthood.
  4. Assess why it is important to be familiar with the target audience when planning health teaching programs for young adults. Describe how you might change health promotion for two different target audiences.

Activity Outcomes
1. Compare and contrast various development theories and principles when applied to patients during a variety of developmental stages.
2. Assess the importance of the family and family changes on development and health promotion behaviors.
3. Examine the role of nurses in health promotion for various age groups throughout the lifespan.

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Men’s health has importance in the early adult and middle-aged…a
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