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Hello, can someone please send me the link to the actual test on…

Hello, can someone please send me the link to the actual test on coursehero or help me answer them? Maternal review (Contraception) -pregnancy prevention rate -reinforcing teaching about transdermal contraceptive patch (Prenatal care) -common discomforts during the first trimester of pregnancy -Estimated date of delivery -Reinforcing teaching about heartburn (Nutrition during pregnancy) -interventions for nausea -Reinforcing teaching about iron supplementation -Reinforcing teaching about oral ferrous sulfate (Determination of fetal well-being) -Evaluating a client’s understanding of a biophysical profile test -Reinforcing teaching about ultrasonography testing -Elevated Alpha-fetoprotein -Reinforcing teaching about lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio testing (Bleeding during pregnancy) -Identifying abruptio placentae (Infections) -Interventions for herpes simplex virus exposure in a newborn -identifying a medication for chlamydia (Medical conditions) -Findings to report for a client who has preeclampsia -Reinforcing discharge instructions for cervical cerclage -Reinforcing teaching for hyperemesis gravidarum (Nursing care of the client in labor) -Reinforcing teaching about the stages in labor -Reinforcing during the second stage of labor -Reinforcing teaching about transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device (Fetal monitoring during labor) -priority finding for preterm spontaneous rupture of membrane -identifying late decelerations (Nursing care of the client during postpartum period) -Episiotomy care -Fundal assessment -intervention for inverted nipples -Reinforcing dietary teaching for a client who is breastfeeding (Complications of the postpartum period) -Identifying a complication for receiving Methylergonovine -Identifying postpartum hemorrhage -Identifying a medication for postpartum hemorrhage -Indications for carboprost injection -preventing thrombophlebitis -Reinforcing teaching about Mastitis (Newborn data collection) -Expected findings for an infant who has trisomy 21 -Reportable physical findings -Expected finding when eliciting reflexes (Nursing care of newborns) -Car seat safety -Reinforcing teaching about infant safety -Reinforcing teaching about home safety -Evaluating a clients understanding of abduction prevention -Evaluating a clients understanding of breastfeeding -Evaluating a clients understanding of umbilical cord care -indicators of adequate nutrition intake -Measuring blood glucose for a newborn -Reinforcing teaching about circumcision with a Gomco clamp -Administering a eye ointment (Complication off Newborn) -planning care for a newborn who is receiving phototherapy -Assisting with care for a newborn who has neonatal abstinence symptoms -caring for a newborn who has hypoglycemia

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Hello, can someone please send me the link to the actual test on…
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