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Group Two Discussion Prompt: You ask Phil a general leading…

Group Two Discussion Prompt: You ask Phil a general leading question such as how he and Lois are getting along lately. Phil responds: “Well, we don’t argue, but it’s hard having no one to discuss things with, like we used to. Not only that, but I must help her get cleaned up and dressed lately. I worry about her getting around. I got rid of the rugs so Lois can use her walker safely.” Assess Lois’s ability to perform her ADL’s using The Katz Index of Independence in Daily Living; use the link to see the tool. Then answer the questions in your initial post. Although Lois is not present in front of you, consider which areas of the Katz screening tool would you expect finding some difficulties, as if you were assessing her in person? What nursing interventions would be appropriate for her? What would be three main psychosocial tasks that Phil would be embracing at this point in his life? How would you determine if Phil is reaching these developmental milestones? What information would prove or disprove this to you? What might be three physiological changes that Phil has noticed in his own health at this point in

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Group Two Discussion Prompt: You ask Phil a general leading…a
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