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Describe how ethnocentrism could be a problem in planning…


  1. Describe how ethnocentrism could be a problem in planning culturally competent family care and how nurses can overcome this problem. Describe a time when you saw this occur and how it could be overcome.
  2. Explain how mass media influences alcohol consumption in young people and what strategies a family could use to offset this influence.
  3. Describe how the nurse should respond to the mother who says she lacks the energy to cope with her highly active 7-month-old and provide examples of possible assessments and interventions
  4. An infant must master the tasks in one phase of the life cycle to move on to the next phase. What happens if there is a problem with the parents or environment that prevents adequate interaction with the child and how should this be approached? Describe a plan for helping the infant meet their milestones.
  5. Compare and contrast helpful tips for the pregnant woman, her partner, and family that will help to make the expectant mother more comfortable during pregnancy. Explain which ideas may be culturally biased and how effective cultural interventions are in pregnancy.
  6. Research local resources and support groups for child maltreatment and explain the legal requirements for a health care provider who may discover child maltreatment.
  7. Describe a specific culture, religion, or family structure and analyze how a child’s development may be affected by that specific culture, religion, or family structure. Compare and contrast the characteristics of neonates and infants. You may create a visual illustration to demonstrate the comparison.

1. Analyze how the family’s culture and communication are relevant to the nursing care of individuals throughout the lifespan.
2. Assess the importance of the family and family changes on development and health promotion behaviors.
3. Examine the role of nurses in health promotion for various age groups.

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Describe how ethnocentrism could be a problem in planning…
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