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CASE STUDY: Mr. Quinto is 80-year-old male and lives in an aged…



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CASE STUDY: Mr. Quinto is 80-year-old male and lives in an aged…
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Mr. Quinto is 80-year-old male and lives in an aged care facility. He had early onset of dementia and has been in the aged care facility for last 20 years. He is from an Italian background and speaks minimal English.


He appeared lethargic and unwell at dinner time. Upon assessment by Nurse In-Charge (NIC) he reported having loose bowels for past 1 day. The NIC collects a stool specimen and sends it to pathology. He also mentions loss of appetite and prefers to rest overnight.


Upon assessment in the morning by NIC, he complains of abdominal pain, lethargic and fever, along with occasional night sweats. NIC is concerned and organizes the hospital transfer for further treatment and management of Mr. Quinto’s symptoms.


Mr. Quinto is brought in by Ambulance to the Emergency Department at 1100 hrs. On arrival, he is reviewed by a specialist and transferred to the Medical Ward at 1700 hrs for further treatment. The follow-up of the stool specimen pathology results, confirm gastroenteritis.


Mr. Quinto is admitted to the ward with symptoms of gastroenteritis. Appropriate transmission-based precautions are put in place to prevent infection transmission in the hospital. Admission notes indicate Mr Quinto has a hearing impairment (uses bilateral hearing aids), loss of sight in right eye, joint pain due to arthritis and decreased mobility due to a right knee injury 6 months ago. He speaks
minimal English as he is from Non-English-Speaking background (NESB). When ambulating he uses wheel frame.


After admission on the ward, Mr Quinto eats half of his sandwich for dinner and prefers to rest as he is very tired. During the rounds, the night nurse finds Mr Quinto on the floor. Mr Quinto states he lost his balance and slipped onto his right side while attempting to go to the toilet. The fall is unwitnessed.


On assessment, Mr Quinto states he did not lose consciousness and did not hit his head, although he feels dizzy when he tries to sit upright. He is unable to stand due to right hip pain and has developed a 10 cm hematoma. The range of motion in lower limbs is restricted
He is assisted on to the bed using HoverJack and HoverMatt by the nursing staff. The physician has reviewed the patient and organised a hip X-Ray. Currently, Mr Quinto has severe pain on movement and is unable to stand or walk.


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