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. A knowledgeable nurse assesses a pregnant woman for presumptive…


1. A knowledgeable nurse assesses a pregnant woman for presumptive signs of pregnancy. Which of the following findings will she exhibit?

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. A knowledgeable nurse assesses a pregnant woman for presumptive…
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a. positive pregnancy test

b. fetal movement felt by certified nurse midwife

c. Hegar’s sign

d. Uterine enlargement


2. All of the following measures can be used to prevent child abuse except:

a. encourage the use of support systems during crisis

b. report persons at risk for child abuse to authorities

c. emphasize appropriate childbearing practices

d. promote parent child attachment


3. Which of the following is an appropriate measure to alleviate joint pain in a child with sickle cell
a. Providing passive range of motion exercises and maintaining bedrest
b. requesting an order for anticoagulants to prevent sickling
c. applying cold compresses and administering Tylenol for pain
d. applying a heating pad and increasing fluid intake


4. A woman in the active phase of the first stage of labor is using a shallow pattern of breathing
twice the normal adult breathing rate. She starts to complain of feeling lightheaded and dizzy and
states that her fingers are tingling. The nurse should:
a. tell the woman to slow down the pace of her breathing
b. notify the physician the women’s position
c. help her to breathe into a paper bag
d. administer oxygen via mask or nasal cannula


5.A postpartum nurse is teaching the patient who had a vaginal birth about postpartum exercises.
The exercise that the nurse taught which serves to straighten perineal muscles is called:
a. pelvic tilt
b. pelvic rock
c. buttocks lift
d. pelvic squeeze


6. Four hours after birth, a newborn is transferred to the nursery where the nurse intervenes to
prevent hypothermia. Which of the following is a common source of radiant heat loss?
a. A room temperature of 68°F
b. a cold scale
c. air-conditioning ducts
d. cool incubator walls

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