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Using the APA 7 guidelines. Address the following intext citations


Using the APA 7 guidelines. Address the following intext citations using the references provided. Thank you.

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Using the APA 7 guidelines. Address the following intext citations…
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1. Standardization of handoff practices with a consistent communication framework across the organization can improve the effectiveness of nursing handoff, increase nurse satisfaction, and improve safety of both staff and patients.  (Cite source 1 for the first time )

2. “Nurses’ perceptions revealed agreement with the effectiveness, efficiency, helpfulness, accountability, professionalism, patient involvement, safety, and plan of care information” (Cite source 4 for the first time, p. 22)


3. Many studies explored nurse perception of communication pre-and post-implementation of BSR utilizing a variety of reliable survey tools. (Cite source 4 for the second time)

4. According to ______________, this standardized form will help to track progress and observations. Continual feedback and monitoring to make sure behaviors become natural and bedside shift report is implemented consistently is recommended in the literature. (Cite source 1 for the second time)

5. Similarly, the findings of ________________ are consistent with the literature, where patients involved with BSR have improved outcomes. (Cite source 3 for the first time)

6. Effective handoff communication in healthcare is essential for quality patient care. Gaps in handoff communication can cause serious breakdowns in the continuity of care, inappropriate treatment, and patient dissatisfaction___________. (Cite source 6 the first time)


7. Ineffective handoff communication decreases patient safety and satisfaction, nursing satisfaction, which in turn increases costs for healthcare organizations__________.  (Cite source 6 for the second time)


8. More specifically, patient participation was noted to hinder effective communication and nurses felt they were not communicating all information to the patient. “Nurses were concerned that increased time was an expected outcome of BSR, thus increasing end of shift hours for nursing” ________.   Cite source 5 for the first time, p. 346).


9. The financial benefit of BSR can be attributed to decreased nursing overtime hours and a decrease in patient falls__________. (Cite source 5 for second time)


10. If adopted throughout the psychiatric units, BSR can be incorporated into annual skills competency day for nurses, allowing for refinement and continuous evaluation. Lastly, the literature also supports having BSR educational sessions and training as part of onboarding for new hires. (Cite source 2 for the first time).


11.  Communicating these results can be the reinforcement of practicing BSR daily. (Cite source 2 for second time)


12. Ineffective handoff communication is the most frequently cited root cause of sentinel events. (Cite source 7 for the first time)

References in order:

1. Abela-Dimech, F., & Vuksic, O. (2018). Improving the practice of handover for psychiatric inpatient nursing staff. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 32(5), 729-736.

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