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Showing work Concentrations needed: Fentanyl 50mcg/mL Lidocaine…


Showing work

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Showing work Concentrations needed: Fentanyl 50mcg/mL Lidocaine…
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Concentrations needed:

Fentanyl 50mcg/mL

Lidocaine 20mg/mL

Ketamine 100mg/mL

5. Fentanyl Loading dose for this patient would be 3mcg/kg. How many mcg and mL would be needed for this patient’s loading dose?

6. The DVM wants this CRI to be running at 0.1mcg/kg/minute. What is the mL/hr at this rate for your 50lb canine patient?

Complete 7-8 for a 90lb canine patient

7. Lidocaine can also be run as a CRI depending on the patients need. What would this patient’s loading dose be at 2mg/kg, mg and mL?

8. What would the rate (mL/hr) of lidocaine CRI at 10mcg/kg/minute for the same patient? Complete 9-10 for 14lb feline patient

9. Ketamine loading dose is 3 mg/kg. What would the mg and mL be for this feline patient?

This ketamine would be diluted for proper CRI delivery.

Do this calculation with 10mg/mL as your concentration, instead of 100mg/mL, as this would be diluted prior to use for a small patient.

10. What would the rate (mL/hr) of ketamine CRI at 20mcg/kg/minute for this feline?

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