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Selvi is a morbidly obese 83-year-old Sri-Lankan lady admitted…


Selvi is a morbidly obese 83-year-old Sri-Lankan lady admitted under Dr Welsh with a 15-year history of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and marked leg oedema. Selvi is on 2 litres of oxygen via nasal prongs due to breathing difficulties (uses home oxygen) and maintains a saturation of 92-95%. She has impaired mobility with a history of falls and uses a four wheeled frame for ambulation. She can understand English if it is spoken slowly and can respond using broken words. She uses reading glasses, and her hearing is good.

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Selvi is a morbidly obese 83-year-old Sri-Lankan lady admitted…A
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Selvi’s condition recently deteriorated while she was at home, and she was taken by her daughter to the Emergency department where she was diagnosed with Urinary Tract infection (UTI) and Urinary retention.

Following initial treatment with IV antibiotics and subsequent assessment by an aged care Assessment Team (ACAT) she has been recommended for high level care.

On her arrival at the ward Selvi is anxious regarding her disease, its prognosis, admission to the ward and subsequent transfer to an Aged Care Facility. You note she has an Intravenous Cannula insitu, R) Cubital Fossa and an Indwelling Urinary Catheter (IDC) (inserted in the Emergency Department). Selvi is vegetarian and prefers to have late dinner.


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