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Research topic. Depression Define your research topic. To ensure…


Research topic. Depression

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Research topic. Depression Define your research topic. To ensure…a
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Define your research topic. To ensure there is ample research available, search the University Library to locate at least 3 articles related to your topic. What do the articles say about your topic? Cite your articles according to APA guidelines.


Develop a problem statement.  

John is a 49 year old man who asks you for advice on natural ways of resolving his depression.  He’s particularly interested in whether he’d gain any benefits to his mental health from exercising.



Develop a research problem statement to use as a foundation for your work going forward in the class.

40 plus year old filipino man with moderate depression who also suffers from hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes  who takes celexa 20mg QD, metformin 2000mg QPM and buspar 5 mg BID and would exercise be beneficial in helping the depression compared to the medication


Determine why the topic is important and identify its main concepts and considerations.


A good problem statement contains an explicit statement of the problem, background information, complications related to the problem, what is unknown, and how your study could help resolve the problem.


For example, patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome receiving mechanical ventilation have a high mortality rate. Prone positions improve ventilation/perfusion matching. It is unknown if prone position improves outcomes in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.



What is a good research question using the PICO format.


How does the use of exercise compare to medication in treating depression in middle-aged men?


A research question is a question that a research project aims to answer. In most studies, the research question is written so it outlines various aspects of the study, including the population and variables to be studied and the problem the study addresses. For example, does prone position improve respiratory outcomes in ventilated patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome? Why is it important to nursing?


Identify variables or concepts.

Identify the dependent and independent variables in your research question, if applicable. If nonapplicable, identify the concepts. For example, oxygenation is the dependent variable and prone positioning is the independent variable.


Identify stakeholders. 

Consider what audience(s) will be most interested in your research and/or have a personal stake in your topic. For example, staff nurses in the intensive care unit caring for ventilated patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), respiratory therapists, etc.

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