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 Nutrition CJ, 40 year-old saleslady, ask you to help her. She…


1. Nutrition
CJ, 40 year-old saleslady, ask you to help her. She just came from their company doctor who said she has a high uric acid and was prescribed to take febuxostat to lower her uric acid. According to CJ, the doctor wants her to consult a nutritionist but because of financial constraints and fear she approached you instead. Give 3 nutrition related instructions that can help CJ.

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 Nutrition CJ, 40 year-old saleslady, ask you to help her. She…
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2. Urinary Elimination
You remove Mr.P’s foley catheter, which had been in place for 5 days. You provide him with a urinal and ask him to tell you know when he voids. Six hours later, he voids 100 ml of clear, light yellow urine. How would you assess his voiding after catheter removal?

3. Bowel Elimination
A patient comes to the clinic reporting abdominal bloating. The primary health-care provider identifies that the patient has slowed intestinal peristalsis. What should the nurse encourage the patient to do to minimize abdominal bloating. Select all that apply.

1.Eat a high-fiber diet.

2.Increase fluid intake.

3.Use laxatives sparingly.

4.Drink prune juice every morning.

5.Raise the head of the bed 300 when sleeping.
A patient reports frequent episodes of constipation. Which should the nurse teach the patient to do to help relieve this problem? Select all that apply.
1. Use a prepackaged 4 oz enema once a week
2. Drink at least 2 quarts of fluid every day.
3.Exercise at least 15 minutes every day.

4.Eat fresh vegetables two times a day.

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