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NCP for this scenario ? Client’s Profile Name of Client: BC…


NCP for this scenario ?

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NCP for this scenario ? Client’s Profile Name of Client: BC…
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Client’s Profile

Name of Client: BC

Address: Malinis Street, Mabulaklak Batangas

Birthday: April 17, 1990

Sex: Female

Age: 30 years old

Religion: Roman Catholic

Civil Status: single

Income: 3500 per month

Nationality: Filipino

Vital signs:

Temperature: 36.9 degree Celsius

Pulse rate: 82bpm

Respiratory rate: 23bpm

Blood Pressure: 130/70 mm/hg…

Health History:

The client consulted the facility with the chief complaint of excessive abdominal pain,

nausea, and vomiting for 3 months. She is accompanied by her sister. She related that

she is currently working as helper in a ” carinderia”

near a factory in their place. She

made several friends with the factory workers and they hangout on weekends and have

few drinks until dawn. She claimed also that she has history of peptic ulcer during her

college years due to skipping meals.



Upon assessment, the nurse noticed that her abdomen is rounded and have few

stretchmarks. The line extending from the umbilicus to symphysis pubis are darkened.

She also declares that she had her last menstrual period last September 2, 2020.

Pregnancy test yield a “positive” result but upon checking, there are no fetal heart beat

registering in the doppler. She also mentioned that she is gaining so much weight.



Based on the scenario, what is the possible health condition of the client? Why?


What factors contributes to client’s current condition?


What management is indicated to our client?

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