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I need to reply to this post below. For the last twelve years I…


I need to reply to this post below.

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I need to reply to this post below. For the last twelve years I…
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For the last twelve years I have been a psychiatric mental health nurse. I have loved working for those with a variety of mental health issues and formed close friendships with other psychiatric nurses along the way. The decision to pursue PMHNP specialty was easy for me. Years ago, I was able to accept a position on a mental health unit that allowed me to work on the floor and help educate staff at the same time. I received my board certification, joined various committees around the hospital, and began to train both new and veteran psychiatric nurses. At some point I felt as if I were becoming burned out due to the routine. I had several options at this point which included working in management without patient care or changing my role. After speaking with and shadowing several nurse practitioners, my mind was set. I wanted to become a PMHNP. Several spoke of the relationships they have built with patients over years of outpatient care and how rewarding it can be. Another factor is hearing patients speak about the lack of providers. Many patients must wait several months to see a provider and find it easier to be admitted on an inpatient unit.

Deep down, I knew I would go back to school to become a nurse practitioner. One difficulty I have faced is convincing myself that it was the right time. After a long discussion with family, we were ready. Finding the right school was also initially difficult. I was concerned about the possibility of being a new nurse practitioner with little experience. Per Walden (n.d.), a graduate would receive educational experience that meets the demands of the current nursing field.

One organization I am familiar with is the American Psychiatic Nurse Association. It is meant for both registered and advanced practice nurses and represents the second largest community of behavioral health professionals in the United States (APNA, n.d.). Belonging to a professional organization is important for reasons such as networking, gaining knowledge, and strengthening your portfolio. Also, these organizations seek to further the professionals in that field and the patients that they serve (Echevarria, 2018). Membership appears straight forward. You must simply fill out a form and pay a fee. I plan to become a member soon.

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