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Case Scenario: Mrs. M visited an OB-Gyne clinic to confirm if she…


Case Scenario: 

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Case Scenario: Mrs. M visited an OB-Gyne clinic to confirm if she..
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Mrs. M visited an OB-Gyne clinic to confirm if she is already pregnant. During history taking, she mentioned that her last menstrual period was July 20 of 2020. She took a pregnancy test 5 weeks after her last menstrual cycle, because she taught that she should have had menses at this time. Her menses was delayed for 8 days already, following her regular cycle of 30 days. She showed the result of her PT to her husband and they were overjoyed since they waited long for it, thus the decision to visit the OB-Gyne. Her pregnancy was then confirmed thru an ultrasound with an estimated age of gestation of 5 weeks and 4 days. She was then advised to take precautions and was prescribed with prenatal vitamins.


On the sixth week of her pregnancy, she noticed a brown tinge discharge on her underwear. However, this only last for a few days with minimal amount.


On her 7 th week, she weighed 58 kgs, from a baseline of 57.5 kg. However, during the 8th and 9th week of her pregnancy, she had nausea and vomiting that made her lost her appetite. She lose weight of 1.5 kg on her 12th week of pregnancy.


Her baby bump is very evident and she starts to experience fullness and tenderness in her breast. Her areola had become darken and wider.


As her pregnancy progresses, reddish streaks have appeared on her abdomen and thighs. A brown line is running from the umbilicus to the symphysis pubis.


Stretch marks were also present in her abdomen so the attending OB-Gyne prescribed an ointment to soothe and prevent scar formation. Mrs. M is anxious about her baby’s condition, so she ordered a portable doppler to check on her baby every week. The fetal heart tones ranges from 140 to 150 bpm.


On the latter stage of her pregnancy, the baby’s movement inside her womb becomes more visible and this excites her husband whenever she sends videos of the baby’s movement. She sleeps with two pillows because she difficulty breathing with low head and neck support. She prefers to sleep on a side-lying position since she experiences light-headedness and palpitations when she lies on her back.


While she does her work, she often needs to raise her feet for quite some time since she feels heavy and swelling. After a while, the swelling subsides. She cannot stay long in a sitting or standing position. She experiences backache in these situations. Whenever she walks her back arcs more prominently.


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