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1. A child has a diagnosis of congestive heart failure secondary to…


1. A child has a diagnosis of congestive heart failure secondary to congenital heart defect. He is 4 years old and weighs 40 pounds. The physician writes an order of digoxin .25 MG Q 12 H. Direct me to dose is 4 µg per kilogram in two or more doses. Which action should be taken by the nurse?

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1. A child has a diagnosis of congestive heart failure secondary to…
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a. Withhold the medications and call the physician

b. have the calculation checked by another registered nurse

c. calculate the safe dose and administer the medications

d. compared to order with the usual dose administered at home


2. A three-year-old has been diagnosed with atrial septal defect. Which of the following observations would be expected? select all that apply

a. large for gestational age at birth

b. abdominal distention

c. increased pulse rate

d. growth plotted at the 50th percentile


3. Based on the nurses understanding of the action of Lasix with Lanoxin therapy in children with CHF. Which of the following is accurate?

a. children have a higher than normal pulse rate

b. children are more likely to have symptoms of digitalis toxicity

c. children will have a decreased urinary  output

d. children have a decrease probability of experiencing side effects from Lanoxin


4. When planning a patient and family education program for sickle cell disease, the nurse should include which of the following topics?

       a. Proper hand-washing and isolation from known sources of infection

b. Preventive measures to keep siblings with the trait from getting the disease

c. restricting fluids to 1000 mL a day

d. aerobic exercises to increase oxygen available to tissues


5. A client with poorly controlled diabetes mellitus has just delivered a son. Which intervention should the nurse include in the newborns care-plan?

a. Monitor for hypocalcemia by drawing blood every 2 to 4 hours

b. monitor for hypercalcemia by drawing blood every hour

       c. monitor his blood glucose level at delivery and again 30 minutes later

d. monitor his blood glucose level every 2 to 4 hour


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