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Consider the following scenario involving ethical dilemma. Put forward your suggestions, based on what you learnt in the course and as relevant, go to the link below to look at the policy that could be used for guidance.

Refer to the policies on http://www.fraserhealth.ca/about-us/accountability/policies/

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Consider the following scenario involving ethical dilemma. Put…
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You enjoy working with your colleague, Sandy, because she is friendly and outgoing with the health care team and clients of the care home where you work. You have noticed that Sandy spends a lot of time on her smart phone, checking texts and emails during her shift. One day you are having lunch with her and she shows you some pictures of her posing with one of the clients that she has taken with her phone. She shares that she has posted these pictures to her social media page. What do you think about Sandy’s use of her phone at work? How will you respond to the current situation?

Refer to the relevant policies from the provided link.

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