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Assignment – Case Study Analysis


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Assignment – Case Study Analysis Instructions
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Goal: Conduct a case study analysis based on two scholarly studies that are related to your research topic. After a concise, but thorough, analyses of the cases, summarize the benefits of cross-cultural management in business.


Instructions: Students will write a 600-750 word case study analysis based on two case studies that involve cross-cultural management. Review the Case Study Analysis procedure as presented in a document located in this week’s reading resources (see Content). Obtain your case study articles from scholarly peer-reviewed journals in the APUS online library. Use case studies that were published within the last ten years. After a concise, but thorough and clear delineation and analysis of the cases, complete the paper with a summary of what you gleaned from using the cases to understand management practice within organizations.


Write using the APA style format, including a title page and references page (no abstract is required).

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