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“Writing is a skill that is necessary for college students to develop in order to succeed academically and professionally.”

Create a Topic Sentence for this Body Paragraph by making one claim about the overall topic of this essay that relates to the Thesis Statement. Be sure to look down at the source you will be integrating as evidence later on in the paragraph so that this evidence supports your topic sentence.

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“Writing is a skill that is necessary for college students to develop in order to succeed academically and professionally
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Hint: “Students who learn to write well . . .

Create a first Major Detail Sentence that explains why your topic sentence is true.

Create a Minor Detail Sentence that gives an example of the claim you made in your first Major Detail Sentence.

Create another Minor Detail Sentence that gives another example of your first Major Detail claim that provides even more support.

Create a second Major Detail Sentence that supports your Topic Sentence claim with even more specific information by citing an outside, researched source.

Cite the following source in your sentence:

Below is a passage from Randy Smith’s (a professor at Aims Community College) article “Write Your Success.”

“Writing is an important skill in almost every career field or industry because nearly all professions require some form of writing on the job. For example, physical therapists must write reports and document patient symptoms even though most of their job is hands-on. Daycare teachers must create lesson plans and communicate in writing with parents although most of their job consists of active play and verbal instruction.”

create a Comment Sentence that explains how your citation supports the claim in your Topic Sentence.

Put all your sentences together in the order you created them and add Transitions (especially for the Minor Detail Sentences) where necessary to help your ideas makes sense to your reader.

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